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Few months ago, we have sent to ArenaNet the most interesting questions asked by our fans. There was no reply until now! GuildWars2.cz Interview with Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Eric Flannum and Lore and Continuity Designer Jeff Grubb! Thanks for great answers!

Will there be guild capes in Guild Wars 2 to distinguish players amongst different guilds, or are you planning something else like using guild emblem on equipment (e.g. on shield)?

  • Eric: We’re doing something different than what we did in Guild Wars, but we aren’t quite at the point where we can talk about it.

Can we expect built-in voice communication?

  • Eric: We’re still looking into our options as far as built in voice goes. It is still up in the air as to whether or not we will be able to include it, but when we have a firm decision on what we plan to do, we’ll let our fans know.

Will it be possible to send in-game mail?gw2-personal-003

  • Eric: Absolutely! In fact, you won’t have to go to a mailbox to send or receive mail. We want to make our in-game mail feature as convenient and easy to use as possible. We’ll release more details on exactly how it works when we talk more about the social features in the game.

Could you tell us anything closer about the trade system? Can we expect something like an auction system in-game? If so, how it will work?

  • Eric: I can confirm the features we’ve already talked about, such as being able to list “buy orders” in addition to “sell orders.” We’ll post a big feature article about how our commerce and trade works sometime in the future. We’ll be revealing more details then.

In the book, Ghosts of Ascalon, crypts underneath Divinity’s Reach were mentioned. Can players visit them as a dungeon for example?

  • Eric: When we first started creating our world, one of the things that was very important to us was creating a lot of areas for future expansion. We have a rough plan for what takes place in all of these areas so we can hint at them and include them in the lore. The catacombs below Divinity’s Reach are one of those places. You won’t be exploring them in the initial release, but you certainly will sometime in the future.


How will fire or electric spells work underwater? Does an environment affect availability or power of the skills?

  • Eric: We’ve said before that we knew we couldn’t just translate our above ground combat to the underwater environment and hope to have it work. Because of this, we change up how our fire and electric skills (and all other skills for that matter) work so that they fit underwater both thematically and in terms of game mechanics.

Will be there any other kind of traveling across long distances apart from asura gates (e.g. ship)?

  • Eric: Any of the major (non-capturable) waypoints that a player has unlocked can be travelled to regardless of the distance involved. Prices do vary depending on distance though, and asura gates are free, so a player might find it advantageous to use asura gates in some circumstances. Other than waypoints and asura gates, there will be no other methods of long distance travel such as mounts, ships, etc in Guild Wars 2 upon initial release.

Many skills we have seen have a long recharge time, especially elite skills. Will this be taken into consideration in PvP? Isn’t a player who has more skills recharged more likely to win a fight?

  • Eric: We allow for skills to be balanced differently in competitive PvP than in PvE or WvW. If we find that a skill is not balanced with its current recharge time in either of these cases, then we will change it so that it is balanced. A player who has more skills recharged is not more likely to win a fight. The most important thing is how a player uses those skills. If a player has used their long recharge skills and used them effectively, then they should have gotten an advantage for themselves and more importantly for their team. If they used those skills poorly then they should be at a disadvantage.

We have heard there will be day/night cycle and changing weather in Guild Wars 2. Will this have any impact on the world, player, or skills?

  • Eric: The day/night and weather cycles can have a tremendous impact on the world through dynamic events. Certain events are only available during certain times of day. In many places in the world, the basic spawns will also change depending on whether it is day or night. Some events also take weather into account—a few of them actually allow players to alter the weather depending on how the event chain progresses.
  • Some special items will take day/night into account, granting different abilities and even changing appearance depending on the day/night cycle. As far as skills go, time of day and weather will have no impact.


Normal skills will be available at skill trainers. Is this valid for elite and racial skills as well, or will they have to be captured (or obtained in some other way) like we have seen in Guild Wars? Are elite and racial skills available from the very beginning of the game?

  • Eric: The current plan calls for some racial skills to be available from the beginning of the game and for elite skills to be available starting at level 30. As far as how racial and elite skills are made available, this is something that we are currently iterating on. We’ll talk about this more when we have something finalized.

Could you tell us what are the relationships among the elder dragons?

  • Jeff Grubb: The elder dragons don’t have a relationship with each other, except that they are all alpha predators. Dragon minions don’t seem to corrupt other dragon minions, but they have neither alliances nor enmities (no more than the dragons show for everything else).

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